The Guides Guide: The Condiments & Healthy Fats Guide


Keep your fat burning HOT.

As your Health Coaches, we LOVE sharing anything and everything we can to help you in your quest to your own personal vision of optimal health.

This series is designed to give you some tools you may not even know exist!

Here is your Part 3 of The Guides Guide: The Condiment and Health Fats Recommendation Guide

We have collected the most useful and requested guides to assist you (or friends that may come to your mind).

Healthy Fats:
On the Optimal Weight 5&1 Program, every day you’ll incorporate up to two servings of Healthy Fats into your Lean & Green Meal (depending on the “lean” you choose that day). Healthy Fats are important because they help you absorb vitamins, like A, D, E, and K. They also help your gallbladder to work properly, so don’t skip them. They also contribute to your healthy brain function. Consuming your healthy fats is a great habit to carry into your Optimal Health 3&3 plan!

A separate category than the healthy fats, these are used to add flavor to your meals. With that being said, it impacts your optimal weight loss results greatly to stay attentive in choosing condiments that match the 5&1 guidelines as they do add to your carbohydrate intake. A condiment serving should contain no more than 1 gram of carbohydrate per serving. You can have up to 3 condiment servings per lean and green meal per day on all plans.

Get tons of ideas for healthy fats and condiments from this guide!

We are here for you,
Brad & Ashley Miller
Your Personal Certified Health Coaches

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