About Us


Let Us Introduce Ourselves!

Brad & Ashley Miller, Certified Health Coaches

Our mission is to change the health of America one person, one family, at a time! We are extremely passionate about our career and assisting people to health they forgot was ever possible. We would love the opportunity to support you to your health goals and help you enjoy life to the fullest! Please feel free to contact us or submit a Client Profile so we can show you how we can assist you to lose your weight, improve your health, and find hope again!

We decided to become Health Coaches over 6 years ago, because we truly have the hearts to help people become healthy- physically, mentally, and financially. Because of this incredible health program, we have watched our family lose over 2,000 pounds — and keep it off for over 9 years. Yes, you’re reading that correctly…2,000 pounds! We now support a team of over 825 Health Coaches & thousands of clients, nationwide!


I graduated from Lower Columbia College and attended Portland State University, where I studied Psychology. I originally started my degree in Nutrition and Dietetics so I could work with children dealing with obesity and early onset diabetes. After a few months, I quickly decided to change my direction in school because what I was being taught was not realistic for what most people could afford or apply to their lives. With this health program, and now as a Certified Health Coach, I have the opportunity & ability to follow my true dreams of helping children and adults create optimal health — realistically and affordably.


I have always had a heart to help people. At 18, I joined the Air Force as a firefighter to be able to help others, and did this for 9 years. I studied emergency services and received my EMT certificate at the age of 19. But nothing I’ve ever done can compare to how I’ve been able to help others through Take Shape for Life. I am thankful I found this amazing career where I am able to empower others to change their health, one family at a time. This program helped me lose 21 lbs in 3 weeks (results not typical 😉 ) & lower my triglycerides to perfect numbers and have gone on to completely change the direction my health was going, and keep improving for over 6 years! And now I have the honor of helping others do the same!

We are both full time Health Coaches, and have the blessing of working from home (or from anywhere in the world) together. We support our clients, located anywhere in the country, as a team and can’t wait to help you and your family live out the full potential you are meant to experience!

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